What is Family Counselling?

Family life can be a place of safety and comfort but sometimes for some it can be challenging, painful and disappointing. Modern life and expectations provide stresses and strains and inevitably we’ll bring them into the family but often some of our stresses come from within our family. Family issues can become entrenched and more painful because we expect our family to be a place of safety and comfort. Sometimes a problem can take hold of a family and there seems to be no clear way forward. At other times changes within the family leave other members confused and angry or hurt. One member the family might feel the impact more and this can cause a severe strain on them.

In Family Counselling the Counsellor will try to cover the following:

  • The current problem
  • How it is seen differently by different members
  • Successful ways of dealing with past problems
  • Parenting issues
  • Characters of each member
  • Communication
  • Alliances and hostilities within the family
  • How the family functions emotionally – who is close and who is distant
  • Who expresses anger or sadness and who comforts
In a family the expectations of each individual are complicated and can be seen differently by each member. Family counselling can uncover these hidden expectations and how they are seen by each member and so open the way to better understanding and communication.

How does Family Counselling work?

Family counselling encourages conversations between members of the family with the support of a specially trained and experienced Family Counsellor. A family counsellor is neutral and encourages the family not to blame or judge. This allows the family to talk about the problems and their concerns which can then allow the family change.

Family Counselling at NovoFamily Counsellors try to clarify what the problems are and then help and support you to find your solutions. This help comes from encouraging effective communication including listening and understanding each other; no-one is told what to do but they may be asked to consider how their actions and behaviours impact others before thinking about changes to be made. This self-reflection for the individual increase self-awareness of their impact on the family and so how to change.
Family Counselling helps to process any feelings of being excluded or rejected which might lead to acting out or bad behaviour. This is often misunderstood by the other family members. This communication helps to repair, or even build for the first time, some meaningful communication. The family might then feel able to support each other better and encouraged make more changes.

Getting all members of the family to every session can be difficult but it’s worth it. Not everyone needs to attend every session; some sessions can be with just two people, both parents, just the kids or even individual sessions. During the process the family should come together for sessions to discuss changes and feelings.

What can Family Counselling help with?

Life is becoming more complex for more families all the time. The family is changing constantly with more of us moving into a ‘modern family’ style with step children, ex-partners, single parent families and shared parenting arrangements. There still isn’t enough help for these changes and society still has mixed views on what is ‘right’. But for families with married parent there are still plenty of challenges whether it’s parenting teenagers, arguing too much, not communicating or simply not functioning in the way you feel it should.

Typical issues seen in Family Counselling include:

  • Disruption after separation or divorce or a new partner moving in
  • Problems with step-family life
  • Debt and financial worries
  • Problems with adolescents or older children
  • Children leaving home
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Drug or alcohol dependency in young people
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour in young people
Family Counselling simply helps you deal with issues that are causing emotional pain or making you feel uncomfortable or unhappy – whatever the issue. There are many issues that Family Counselling can help if, just ask if you’d like to know how it can help you.

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Getting Started

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Getting Started

What to expect

In your first session your Family Counsellor will walk you through the counselling process and ‘Contract for Counselling’. This explains what happens in the sessions, the boundaries, confidentiality, supervision and what to do if you have concerns. Each of you may be asked to complete a simple assessment form that helps describe your feelings. This assessment may be repeated occasionally to help understand your progress.

After this your Counsellor will want to get to know a little more about each of you before you start talking more about the issues and feelings in as much or as little detail you feel comfortable with. Your Family Counsellor will start to understand the interconnected issues you’re facing and then help to move the conversations forward with more listening and understanding.

A common challenge is when the issues can mean something different to each family member. Sometimes it’s better for some sessions to be with just one or two members of the family so these issues can be worked on. Some family members may not be too related to the issues but they can still be part of the larger family sessions. Remember that one session is rarely like another and it’s all a process to finding your happiness as a family. Sessions can be challenging, fun, sad, frustrating and revealing; feeling a range of emotions is common. In the end you should all feel more comfortable and happy.

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Getting Started

Not quite sure?

Many people are nervous when they start to think about counselling and this is perfectly normal. Let’s face it, of the one in five people in the UK who have had counselling it’s likely that most of them were unsure at the beginning. Following millions of people into counselling means you’re not alone in getting some help; more often it’s the first positive step to feeling better.

If you’re starting to feel like you need some help, you’re struggling to resolve some issues or some aspect of your life, you need someone helpful to talk to, someone who wont judge and is trained in supporting and helping; then counselling is certainly worth considering.

Family Counselling at Novo

Two of the most common reactions to counselling are:
“I wish i’d started sooner!” or “it felt like a weight had been lifted”. If you think you might want to feel like this then why not give it a go. At Novo Counselling we have a ‘First Session Guarantee’ so you’ve really nothing to lose!

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Why come to Novo Counselling?

When thinking about counselling you need a Counsellor you can trust from a reputable organisation. At Novo Counselling we’re here to help! We’re not a charity or run by the NHS and we like to think we’re a little different. We’re professional, ethical and efficient but we never lose sight that it’s your life and your choice. We offer you comfort and security whilst supporting you through what can be a very emotional and challenging time.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Novo Counselling and here are just some:

  • Number One Private Counselling Practice in South East London.
  • We hand pick our Counsellors based on their qualifications, skills and experience and promote continuous professional development.
  • Our clinical supervision ensures our clients always get the best support possible.
  • We offer a tiered service offering affordability and excellence.
  • We have specialist Counsellors supporting a broad range of therapeutic needs.

With Novo Counselling being a private Counselling practice, you get the benefit of easy access to support, regular repeating appointments, a commitment to you and your emotional well being, no waiting lists and confidence in our ethical practice.

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