What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship Counselling is an effective way to help you feel better about your relationships and work towards getting your needs met from them. Relationship Counselling allows you to deal with any negative feelings or behaviours you have in your relationships and helps to overcome your issues. It’s a talking therapy that allows you to talk about your problems and feelings in a secure, supportive and dependable environment.

It’s how we listen and respond, our behaviours and even our body language that has the greatest impact on our relationships. It’s also about how we are drawn to certain people, our expectations and feelings towards relationships. These actions, and all the different forms of physical interaction and intimacy, underpin the strength and longevity of our relationships.

Couples CounsellingA Relationship Counsellor listens with empathy and can help you deal with any negative thoughts and feelings you may have about your relationships. The Counselling will be series of face to face sessions on a weekly basis for about 50 minutes at a time. With Relationship Counselling it’s more about you and your relationships so you may not want to attend with a partner, and maybe you don’t have a current partner. If you need support for you and your current partner then take a look at Couples Counselling or Marriage Counselling.

Always remember a Counsellor won’t tell you what to do, provide a “quick fix” or give you their personal opinions. They will help you to improve your communication and never judge you.

How can Relationship Counselling help?

There are plenty of traps relationships can fall into. All the strains of everyday life take their toll on us and when you’re not communicating, or not listening, you’re unlikely to get your needs met and your relationships will start to suffer.

Sometimes talking to someone new is all it takes for you to gain fresh perspective and realise what’s going on. Your Relationship Counsellor will have the skills and experience to guide you to your own way of making things better.

Relationship Counselling helps you:

  • Consider what your needs are from a relationship
  • Reflect on where things could have improved
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts in meeting your needs
  • Reflect on the past and how it operates in the present
  • Understand how external factors affect your relationships
Usually people leave Relationship Counselling with a positive outlook, fresh views and a better perspective. If nothing else you should find that you’re able to communicate your needs more effectively.

Relationship Counselling helps you in getting your needs met!

What can Relationship Counselling help with?

If there’s an issue with your relationships that’s causing you negative feelings or behaviours then Relationship Counselling can help.

Common issues are:

  • Being drawn to the wrong person
  • Having low self esteem or confidence
  • Roles and behaviours
  • Different lifestyles
  • Life changes
  • Different expectations of love
  • Different sexual needs or other sexual issues
  • Previous betrayal or affair, lack of trust
  • Anxiety and Depression associated with relationships
  • Family conflicts
Whatever the issue, speaking to a professional is often an incredibly positive step forward! For some people, Relationship Counselling can transform their relationships and their lives; for others it can help solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety.

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Do I need Relationship Counselling?

It really depends on the issues you are facing and how you feel about it. If you are worried about an aspect of your relationships, if there has been a difficult event that you’re concerned about or if you feel you’re not getting what you need and can’t communicate effectively anymore then certainly you should consider Relationship Counselling.

Couples CounsellingFor some, the suggestion of Relationship Counselling is a strange but it really can help you feel better and more confident. Many people use their sessions as a way to keep their focus and commitment to having better and more healthy relationships whilst addressing any underlying concerns that have.

If you’re finding it hard to develop or maintain relationships or you feel there are barriers to you getting your needs met then certainly Relationship Counselling is worth a try.

These days it’s becoming far more common for people to search for relationships online, this is also a good time to to seek Relationship Counselling to keep a mindful and considered perspective on your relationship plans.

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Not quite sure?

Many people are nervous when they start to think about counselling and this is perfectly normal. Let’s face it, of the one in five people in the UK who have had counselling it’s likely that most of them were unsure at the beginning. Following millions of people into counselling means you’re not alone in getting some help; more often it’s the first positive step to feeling better.

If you’re starting to feel like you need some help, you’re struggling to resolve some issues or some aspect of your life, you need someone helpful to talk to, someone who wont judge and is trained in supporting and helping; then counselling is certainly worth considering.


Two of the most common reactions to counselling are:
“I wish i’d started sooner!” or “it felt like a weight had been lifted”. If you think you might want to feel like this then why not give it a go. At Novo Counselling we have a ‘First Session Guarantee’ so you’ve really nothing to lose!

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Why come to Novo Counselling?

When thinking about counselling you need a Counsellor you can trust from a reputable organisation. At Novo Counselling we’re here to help! We’re not a charity or run by the NHS and we like to think we’re a little different. We’re professional, ethical and efficient but we never lose sight that it’s your life and your choice. We offer you comfort and security whilst supporting you through what can be a very emotional and challenging time.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Novo Counselling and here are just some:

  • Number One Private Counselling Practice in South East London.
  • We hand pick our Counsellors based on their qualifications, skills and experience and promote continuous professional development.
  • Our clinical supervision ensures our clients always get the best support possible.
  • We offer a tiered service offering affordability and excellence.
  • We have specialist Counsellors supporting a broad range of therapeutic needs.

With Novo Counselling being a private Counselling practice, you get the benefit of easy access to support, regular repeating appointments, a commitment to you and your emotional well being, no waiting lists and confidence in our ethical practice.

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