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Meet Our Counselling Team

Unlike independent counsellors, each of our counsellors and psychotherapists has been carefully selected based on their training, experience, education, background, DBS security checking and professional ethics.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards and ethics in everything we do. This includes continuous professional development (CPD), supervision, training and coaching. All of our Counsellors are associated with the BACP or equivalent bodies.

Danielle – Tier Three, Bromley


Life can be unpredictable and challenging, and our core beliefs and values play a huge part in how we respond and manage these twists and turns. I aim to assist you in exploring your past and present, and understanding how your experiences may have contributed to the person you are today and who you might want to be.

Liz – Tier Three, Bromley


It is not always easy to talk about, or even identify, the reasons why we are experiencing difficult feelings or issues. I can provide you with a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space in which we can explore your thoughts, feelings and fears and work through them together.

Nic – Tier Two, Bromley


Are events past or present affecting your emotionally or maybe you are fearful or worried about what might happen in the future? Talking to me in a confidential, impartial and non-judgmental setting will help you to explore what’s going on for you and help bring about perspective and emotional balance.

Sevda – Tier Three, Bromley


I work as an Integrative counsellor I am warm, empathic and a good listener. My role is to provide a safe space where all your thoughts, feelings and fears can be explored. Together I can lead you to a better understanding of yourself and the difficulties you may be facing.

Andrew – Tier Two, Bromley

CBT, Integrative & Mindfulness Counsellor

I am a member of the BABCP and BACP and work within its ethical framework for good practice. More than this I'll work with you in a safe, confidential and empathetic style. I have many years experience working with long-term clients and also in the short term IAPT service.

Scarlett – Tier Three, Bromley


I am a registered BACP member, working on an integrative basis. I work one-to-one with clients through a range of difficulties and issues. The focus of my work is on emotional and mental health and to help clients move forward in their lives. I work with anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem, relationship issues, bereavement, etc

Surma – Tier Two, Bromley


I understand the challenges of having a career but also juggling a range of other pressures and how at times this can feel overwhelming. I am passionate about supporting people who can feel low, experience confidence and self esteem issues at work or at school, stress or anxiety, especially when things become too much and it prevents them from enjoying their life.

Candice – Tier Two, Bromley

Integrative Counsellor

I am easy to talk with, a great listener and honour all cultural backgrounds. I work with young adults and adults facing anxiety, stress, emotional distress, depression, self-confidence, relationship and cultural issues. I also have an awareness of helping people to cope with loved ones with severe and complex health issues such as dementia.

Anthony – Tier Two, Bromley

Integrative Counsellor

I believe that human beings and human relationships (with ourselves and others) can at times be difficult and complex. I aim to provide a space for people where we can work together to try to understand these complexities of life and help with overall coping.

Kym – Tier Three, Bromley


You have the potential to be free of whatever issues are keeping you tethered and, using the Person-Centered Approach, I will provide you with a safe, confidential, comfortable and non-judgmental space in which we work together to explore the issues that are stopping you from being who you want to be.

Tibor – Tier Two, Bromley

Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I believe the connection we make and the trust we build are the essential ingredients in a counselling relationship. This allows a positive transformation to take place. I view counselling as a supportive, collaborative, creative process that enables emotional healing. In this process we can rediscover inner resources and strengths, to aid personal growth and development.

Maria – Tier One, Bromley

Senior Psychotherapist & Supervisor working with Adults, Children & Family

I have been working as a clinician since 2002 when I first began my journey as an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist. I specialise in working with children and adolescents and the their families and also lead group sessions and workshops. I am also an experienced Executive Coach and trainer, working to identify and release blocks to success.

Natalie – Tier Three, Bromley


I provide a safe environment where you can explore and reflect. Creating a supportive, non-judgmental, empathic space is an integral part of getting to the core of your difficulties and promoting lasting change. My goal is to increase your self-awareness, as I believe this enables personal growth and development.

Emma – Tier Three, Bromley


Sometimes life’s demands can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and low with no real understanding of why. I provide a safe and confidential environment where we can explore where these feelings are coming from and what you may want to change to help you start to feel positive about life again.

Lucy – Tier Three, Bromley


I understand that talking about some things and your feelings can be hard. Therefore my goal is to create a non-judgmental, honest environment where you feel listened to and supported. I believe that increasing self-awareness and acceptance is incredibly important and is central to the exploration and work we do together.

Denise – Tier Two, Bromley

Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Central to my working is that the relationship is key between myself and my client. Fostering a collaborative and trusting relationship together we can embark on a journey of exploration, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Veronica – Tier Three, Bromley


I am interested in helping you find your own solutions to the difficulties you may be experiencing. The relationship created between us is central to providing a safe, confidential and caring space for you to explore what that difficulty means to you.

Sam – Tier Three, Bromley


Every individual has their own unique story to tell. Exploring that story within a therapeutic relationship will help you to re-connect with what you want most from life and from your relationships with others. I am here to listen and support you through a challenging but rewarding journey of self-discovery. One which will draw on your inner strengths so you may begin to make positive changes in your life.

Amanda – Tier Three, Bromley


I am a registered member of the BACP, working with young people and adults on a one to one basis. Looking at your past and how that is currently affecting you and exploring what behaviour and beliefs you have about yourself and decide what is worth keeping and what you need to throw away.

Lucy – Tier Two, Bromley

Integrative Counsellor & Family Mediator

We all experience times when we feel lost, out of control, confused or alone. Issues can affect us anytime and leave us feeling unsure of how to regain control of our life and enjoy the present. I am trained to help!

Lorna – Tier Three, Bromley


Nothing is ever certain in life and sometimes the things we hoped for, the dreams we dreamed and the aspirations or expectations we have for ourselves and for others can change. I’m here to provide you with a safe confidential space to ‘just be’ and to support you through what can often be a confusing journey and emotional journey of self-discovery.

Eileen – Tier Two, Bromley

Couples Counsellor and Psychotherapist

I work with couples and the issues they're experiencing in their relationship which may relate to communication issues, managing conflict, childhood experiences, low self-esteem, sex and intimacy. I am an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist and my specialism is psychosexual therapy, which includes couples relationship therapy and sex therapy.

Alison – Tier Two, Bromley

Integrative Counsellor

My experiences are vast and within these 25 years I have had the privilege to help people from diverse backgrounds, circumstances and needs. I am BACP registered counsellor and work within its ethical guidelines, which I consider to be extremely important. Whatever difficulties you are experiencing I can support you in a safe and confidential place.

Shelley – Counsellor, Bromley


I like to view therapy as a way to make people feel happier in themselves and in their lives. I specialise in working with children and adolescents in a person-centred way and similarly with adults. I provide a safe and non-judgmental environment within the therapy room and I have a “go with the flow” approach when it comes to counselling.

Finding the right Counsellor for you

At Novo Counselling we know that finding the right counsellor or therapist can be a challenge and sometimes very frustrating. We make it easy. We take the time to talk to you first, find out more about you and your needs; then we help match you with the right Counsellor. We’ll usually offer you your first session within a few days too!
Just click the button below and send us a few details about yourself, and what you think you’re looking for; then we’ll get in touch to help decide.

Helping You Choose