Lucy – Consultant Practitioner, Bromley


Integrative Counsellor

We all experience times when we feel lost, out of control, confused or alone. Issues can affect us anytime and leave us feeling unsure of how to regain control of our life and enjoy the present. I am trained to help!

Lucy – Consultant Practitioner, Bromley2018-02-06T14:05:18+00:00

Tibor – Senior Practitioner, Bromley


Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I believe the connection we make and the trust we build are the essential ingredients in a counselling relationship. This allows a positive transformation to take place. I view counselling as a supportive, collaborative, creative process that enables emotional healing. In this process we can rediscover inner resources and strengths, to aid personal growth and development.

Tibor – Senior Practitioner, Bromley2018-02-06T14:05:56+00:00

Denise – Senior Practitioner, Bromley


Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Central to my working is that the relationship is key between myself and my client. Fostering a collaborative and trusting relationship together we can embark on a journey of exploration, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Denise – Senior Practitioner, Bromley2018-02-06T14:06:32+00:00

Andrew – Senior Practitioner, Bromley


CBT, Integrative & Mindfulness Counsellor

I am a member of the BABCP and BACP and work within its ethical framework for good practice. More than this I'll work with you in a safe, confidential and empathetic style. I have many years experience working with long-term clients and also in the short term IAPT service.

Andrew – Senior Practitioner, Bromley2018-08-03T12:54:06+00:00

Surma – Senior Practitioner, Bromley



I understand the challenges of having a career but also juggling a range of other pressures and how at times this can feel overwhelming. I am passionate about supporting people who can feel low, experience confidence and self esteem issues at work or at school, stress or anxiety, especially when things become too much and it prevents them from enjoying their life.

Surma – Senior Practitioner, Bromley2018-02-06T14:14:32+00:00

Sue – Junior Practitioner, Bromley



I'm here for you. I provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. I can help you to make sense of what is worrying you, whether it’s something happening now, or from past hurts or events. I specialise in workplace stress and anxiety, supporting you to grow or restore your self-confidence, and improve your wellbeing.

Sue – Junior Practitioner, Bromley2018-07-09T22:34:45+00:00

Danielle – Counsellor Bromley


Integrative Counsellor

Life can be unpredictable and challenging, and our core beliefs and values play a huge part in how we respond and manage these twists and turns. I aim to assist you in exploring your past and present, and understanding how your experiences may have contributed to the person you are today and who you might want to be.

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Sevda – Junior Practitioner, Bromley



I work as an Integrative counsellor I am warm, empathic and a good listener. My role is to provide a safe space where all your thoughts, feelings and fears can be explored. Together I can lead you to a better understanding of yourself and the difficulties you may be facing.

Sevda – Junior Practitioner, Bromley2018-07-09T22:36:51+00:00

Ronak – Junior Practitioner, Bromley



My name is Ronak, I am curious to meet you and really looking forward to supporting you through this journey. I believe the first step towards working through the issues holding you back is having the right therapist by your side and I am here to provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, ideas and beliefs to help you overcome negative feelings thus creating a more positive outlook on life.

Ronak – Junior Practitioner, Bromley2018-07-09T22:37:47+00:00

Anita – Junior Practitioner, Bromley



I am a registered BACP member, working on an integrative basis. I work one-to-one with clients through a range of difficulties and issues. The focus of my work is on emotional and mental health and to help clients move forward in their lives. I work with anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem, relationship issues, bereavement, etc

Anita – Junior Practitioner, Bromley2018-07-09T22:38:32+00:00