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Last Updated: 1st April 2020

Covid-19 – We are truly living in unique times. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone from our families, to our work, to our emergency services who are bravely on the front lines. As the situation continues to affect our community, we want to update you on how we’re supporting our team, our community and you—our clients. Above all else, our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, particularly those who are sick or have lost loved ones.

What we’re doing for you

It is imperative that we take care of our team whilst protecting and supporting you our clients. To achieve this we’re taking all of our services online with Zoom – a brilliant online app for your phone, tablet or computer where we can connect and give you the best experience possible in these difficult times.

What we’re doing for our community

If you live in the London Borough of Bromley, are an Emergency Services Professional or are over 70 then please use the ‘Book Now’ link and we’ll arrange an online session as soon as we can. Obviosuly we’re a small team, and our capacity is limited, but we’ll do our best for those most in need.

Together, we’ll get through this,

Lucy Phipps – Practice Director

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If you are ready to get started just click the ‘Make an Appointment’ button and fill in the form, or simply call or email.

Sallie MacGowan

I’m Sallie MacGowan and I or one of the team will arrange a time to call you to confirm your details, your chosen Counsellor, your regular appointment time and your payment details. We’ll get you a session very soon and probably the same week.

We’re also here to answer any questions you may have so if there’s anything we can do simply ask and we’ll try our best to understand your needs. You may also be thinking about someone else, your partner, child or friend; this is quite common too so just make an appointment or contact us to see how we can help you to help them.

Getting started with Counselling is a positive step so don’t delay.

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Find your Counsellor

Take a look at our Counsellors by clicking the ‘Our Counsellors’ button below. You’ll see our full list of available Bromley Counsellors with their skills and experience. If one of them looks right then go ahead and make an appointment or if you’re not sure you can ask them a question.
Our Counsellors

Helping you Choose

Often finding the right counsellor is daunting, especially if this is your first experience. We’re here to help so if you’re not sure about choosing for yourself we can guide you to the right Counsellor for you. We’re here to help you into Counselling and make everything as easy as possible; finding the right Counsellor for you is often where we start. Searching through profiles can be confusing so we can take this pressure away. By clicking the ‘Helping you Choose’ button below and giving us some information we’ll be in touch very soon with some options for Counsellors that will fit your needs.

Helping You Choose

What to expect

In your first session your Counsellor will walk you through the counselling process and ‘Contract for Counselling’. This explains what happens in the sessions, the boundaries, confidentiality, supervision and what to do if you have concerns. You may also be asked to complete a simple assessment form that helps describe your feelings. This assessment may be repeated occasionally to help understand your progress.

Counsellor in Session

After this you’ll start talking more about as much or as little as you want. You may decide not to bring everything into your first session or you may decide open up about everything. Your Counsellor will start to understand your challenges more and will start to get some insights into you. You’ll also start to understand more about how your Counsellor works and some insight into what you can expect.

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Commitment to Counselling

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a process; it’s probably taken time to get to where you are now and it’ll take some time to get you to where you want to be, somewhere you feel better about yourself and more content with your emotional wellbeing.

We understand this and we make a firm commitment to you by providing regular ongoing sessions. We’ll ensure your Counsellor is available at the same time and the same place every week and we make an ongoing commitment to your sessions for as long as you need. Obviously your Counsellor will have the occasional holiday but we’ll give plenty of notice of this.

Many of our clients continue for several months until they feel happy to bring their sessions to an end. Whilst the NHS or charities might limit the number of sessions we believe that you’re best placed to decide when you’re ready to end. Obviously your Counsellor can help with this decision too.

Just as important as our commitment to you is your commitment to yourself. Counselling requires you to commit to your own progress and development too. We ask that you continue to see your Counsellor at the same place and the same time every week; with this regularity you can be sure you’re getting the therapeutic support you need. By making this time for yourself, and making sure you reserve this time for your sessions, you can start to feel better about the positive steps you’re taking. Obviously you can choose to end your sessions whenever you want, just give us 7 days notice and there’s no commitment once you’ve chosen to end your sessions.

To find out more about the Commitment to Counselling download the ‘Contract for Counselling’ by clicking the button below.

Contract for Counselling

Not quite sure?

Many people are nervous when they start to think about counselling and this is perfectly normal. Let’s face it, of the one in five people in the UK who have had counselling it’s likely that most of them were unsure at the beginning. Following millions of people into counselling means you’re not alone in getting some help; more often it’s the first positive step to feeling better.

If you’re starting to feel like you need some help, you’re struggling to resolve some issues or some aspect of your life, you need someone helpful to talk to, someone who wont judge and is trained in supporting and helping; then counselling is certainly worth considering.


Two of the most common reactions to counselling are:
“I wish i’d started sooner!” or “it felt like a weight had been lifted”. If you think you might want to feel like this then why not give it a go. At Novo Counselling we have a ‘First Session Guarantee’ so you’ve really nothing to lose!

If you’re still not sure why not ask us a question, just click the button below.

Ask a Question

Why come to Novo Counselling?

When thinking about counselling you need a Counsellor you can trust from a reputable organisation. At Novo Counselling we’re here to help! We’re not a charity or run by the NHS and we like to think we’re a little different. We’re professional, ethical and efficient but we never lose sight that it’s your life and your choice. We offer you comfort and security whilst supporting you through what can be a very emotional and challenging time.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Novo Counselling and here are just some:

  • Number One Private Counselling Practice in South East London.
  • We hand pick our Counsellors based on their qualifications, skills and experience and promote continuous professional development.
  • Our clinical supervision ensures our clients always get the best support possible.
  • We offer a tiered service offering affordability and excellence.
  • We have specialist Counsellors supporting a broad range of therapeutic needs.

With Novo Counselling being a private Counselling practice, you get the benefit of easy access to support, regular repeating appointments, a commitment to you and your emotional well being, no waiting lists and confidence in our ethical practice.

Novo Counselling


We love getting feedback from our clients. 

“When I first enquired about counselling, I sent an email to find out more information. I had a reply within hours and within a day I had booked my first appointment for the weekend”
Anonymous Client • Matched with Agatha
“Very good organisation!”
Anonymous Client • Matched with Lucy
“They were very informative and tailored my needs to what counsellor would be suitable for me. Therapy rooms are always clean and tidy, always comfortable and cosy”
Anonymous Client • Matched with Agatha

“May I say a huge thank you for working with me on what I can only describe as a new adventure with new places and areas of my life that I hadn’t thought of visiting before”

Anonymous Client • Matched with Denise

“I am sure your team [Novo Counselling] works the same way, which if the case, you really are a team worth knowing for anyone and everyone who requests your service. Thank you!”

Anonymous Client • Matched with Denise
“A big thank you to the very first lady I spoke to at Novo who was responsible for matching me to Aggie in the first place. You only truly get out of counselling what you need if you can connect with the person you meet each week and this is such an important part of the process”
Anonymous Client • Matched with Agatha

“I never had a single problem with Novo, I always had professional service and support. I’m so glad I found you when I needed you, the whole experience has made such a huge difference to me and in my life”

Anonymous Client • Matched with Agatha

“Thank you very much for your help over the last few months. I am pleased to say life is getting better every day. My family life is now the best it has ever been”

Anonymous Client • Matched with Denise
“I was made to feel very welcome, Denise was very warm and listened to what I had to say and somehow made sense of things for me, I would consider coming back. x”
Anonymous Client • Matched with Denise
“She was excellent. I’d no idea what to expect or what I’d get out of it but she really helped me”
Anonymous Client • Matched with Lucy

“I don’t think I could have done it without you. To have someone listen to my problems that I know is not judging me helped me deal with some insecurities I have. Thank you so much for everything”

Anonymous Client • Matched with Sophia

“Through attending regular counselling sessions I believe I have grown as a person and a new found respect and love for myself and those people important to me in life”

Anonymous Client • Matched with Sophia
“I never had counselling before. But the time I had with Alison was life changing. Alison may not know the impact it had, but I now feel more at peace with my situation. Thank you for giving me a positive experience with your company”
Anonymous Female Client • Matched with Alison
“A massive thank you to Aggie for her help over the 5 months I worked with her. When I think of where I started and where I finished I almost don’t recognise myself!”
Anonymous Female Client • Matched with Agatha