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Money Back Guarantee

At Novo Counselling we’re here to help. If at the end of your first one-to-one counselling session with Novo Counselling you feel it’s not for you, and you don’t continue with the next session, then we won’t charge you for that first session. If you feel you might like to switch to another counsellor or therapist then that’s fine too, but unfortunately we can’t offer the same guarantee for any subsequent session.


This offer only applies to one-to-one counselling sessions and excludes Premium services including mediation, hypnotherapy, couples counselling, family counselling or any session with more than one client.

Please inform your therapist at the end of the session if you do not wish to continue to your second session. As no money will have been charged until the end of your first session the guarantee will simple ensure your first session is not charged for.

Normal cancellation policy applies. Click here for terms and conditions.

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